Palembang Airport Parking

The parking services at Palembang Airport provide great convenience and peace of mind while traveling. With multiple options available, finding something suitable is easy regardless of your budget or travel requirements.

For those who need to park briefly, a designated area is located near the terminal building. This option is perfect for those who may be dropping off or picking up passengers or need to park their car for a few hours.

If you require long-term parking, multiple lots are available with 24/7 security surveillance to ensure your vehicle's safety while away. These lots offer shuttle services that frequently run between the lot and terminal building so you can arrive at your flight on time without hassle.

Disabled Parking Services at Palembang Airport

Palembang Airport understands the importance of accommodating travelers with disabilities. It offers designated parking areas near the terminal building for those who require special assistance.

Its disabled parking services are conveniently located just a few steps from the airport entrance, making it easy for passengers to access the terminal without any inconvenience or discomfort.

These parking spots are wider and closer to the curb to provide more space for wheelchair users to maneuver around their vehicles with ease. To ensure that disabled guests have a smooth and hassle-free experience, the airport also provides complimentary wheelchairs and baggage carts upon request.

If you require specialized equipment such as ramps or lifts, please contact us beforehand so we can arrange them accordingly. We take pride in providing exceptional service that caters to all our customers' needs, regardless of their physical abilities.

Short-Term Parking at Palembang Airport

Short-term parking at Palembang Airport is a convenient option for those traveling for a short period or dropping off and picking up passengers. The airport offers various options depending on the duration of your stay, with the first two hours being free.

Hourly rates apply if you need to park for longer than two hours. It's important to note that these rates can vary based on peak travel times and availability.

The short-term parking lot is located near the terminal building, making it easy to access without walking too far. There are also designated spots for disabled parking in this area.

Long-Term Parking at Palembang Airport

There are enough spaces for long-term parking with designated areas close to the terminal building. The rates for long-term parking are affordable and may vary according to the duration of your stay.

Security measures such as CCTV surveillance and 24/7 patrolling guards have been implemented. Additionally, maintenance services are available if you need any assistance with jump-starting or tire inflation after returning from your trip.

When choosing this option, plan by reserving a spot online or through phone booking beforehand. This will not only save time but also guarantee availability upon arrival.

Parking Rates at Palembang Airport

Parking rates here are reasonable and can vary depending on how long you plan to stay. Short-term parking rates start at IDR 5,000 for the first hour, with an additional fee of IDR 2,500 for every subsequent hour. The maximum daily rate for short-term parking is set at IDR 50,000.

Long-term parking options are also available for those needing a longer-term solution. Rates start from IDR 15,000 per day or IDR 90,000 per week, with discounts available for extended stays.

Parking Payment Options at Palembang Airport

Cash payments are available at the on-site parking booths. A credit or debit card is your best bet if you prefer a hassle-free payment option without carrying cash. Many of the parking booths accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard.

In addition to traditional payment methods, it offers an online booking system allowing customers to pay in advance through their website. This method ensures convenience as you won't have to worry about queuing up during peak hours or fumbling with change.

Purchasing prepaid cards may benefit those who frequently utilize airport parking facilities or plan extended stays. These can easily be reloaded when needed.

Safety Parking Tips at Palembang Airport

Ensuring the safety of your vehicle while parked at Palembang Airport should be a top priority. By practicing safety parking tips, customers can reduce the risk of theft or vehicle damage. Always park in designated areas, lock your doors and windows, remove valuables from sight, and watch for suspicious activity.

Map of Car Parks at Palembang Airport