Live Palembang Airport Arrivals (PLM)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Jakarta (CGK) Garuda Indonesia GA114 (1) 05:30 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Malaysia Airlines MH5788 05:30 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Super Air Jet IU872 05:35 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Citilink Garuda Indonesia QG884 05:45 Scheduled
Surabaya (SUB) Lion Air JT856 05:55 Scheduled
Jakarta (HLP) Citilink QG88 06:05 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Super Air Jet IU876 06:20 Scheduled
Batam (BTH) Lion Air JT247 07:05 Scheduled
Jakarta (HLP) Batik Air ID7538 07:25 Scheduled
Jakarta (HLP) Batik Air ID7055 07:25 Scheduled
Bandung (BDO) Citilink QG815 07:50 Scheduled
Batam (BTH) Citilink QG988 07:50 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Super Air Jet IU874 08:40 Scheduled
Jakarta (CGK) Citilink QG888 08:45 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Palembang Airport

Palembang Airport provides various ground transportation options to assist passengers in reaching their city destinations. Car rental services are readily available for those who prefer private transportation and provide travelers with flexible options, such as onsite vehicle return.

Taxi services from reputable providers are also available in designated areas outside the airport terminal. Train services provided by the Palembang LRT system, which provides efficient and timely service throughout the city, are a greener alternative.

Various bus routes covering most of the province of South Sumatra are regularly scheduled throughout the day and offer a cost-effective way to travel around the city. You can also use a ferry to travel across one of Palembang's many waterways or islands.

The hotel shuttle services at Palembang Airport are also practical for nearby hotels.

Due to their convenience and affordability, ridesharing services such as Go-Jek and Grab have become popular among residents and tourists.

Car Rental Services at Palembang Airport

Car rental services are abundant at Palembang Airport, allowing travelers to independently explore South Sumatra. These rental companies provide a range of vehicles to accommodate various requirements and budgets. There is a vehicle for everyone, from compact cars to luxury sedans.

When selecting a car rental company, consider price, vehicle availability, and customer service. In addition, it is crucial to determine whether the company provides insurance coverage in the event of incidents or damages.

Most car rental companies require a valid driver's license and credit card for payment. On request, some hotels provide additional services, such as GPS navigation systems and infant safety seats.

See and compare all rental car companies at Palembang Airport.

Taxi Services at Palembang Airport

Multiple transportation services are available onsite 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The taxi stand is located just outside the terminal building's arrival hall. The taxis are readily identifiable due to their vehicles' official logos and markings. See more information about taxis at Palembang Airport.

It is imperative to note that taking official transportation from the airport is always preferable rather than a street taxi. This will ensure you receive a fair price and protect you from fraud and safety concerns.

The price of your trip will depend on your destination and other variables, such as traffic and time of day. Before entering the taxi, request an estimate of the fare to know what to expect.

Train Services at Palembang Airport

The airport is accessible not only by road but also by train via Palembang LRT Services. This makes it much simpler for passengers who prefer public transportation to travel to and from the airport.

The LRT is one of the most convenient methods to get around Palembang due to its speed, dependability, and affordability. The trains operate frequently throughout the day, from early morning until late at night, allowing you to easily plan your journey. More information about train services near Palembang Airport.

Multiple ticket options, including single-trip tickets and stored-value cards, are available and can be purchased from vending machines located at each station. The fares are determined by the distance traveled and begin at only 5,000 Indonesian rupiahs per transport.

Bus Services at Palembang Airport

The Palembang Airport provides bus transportation to numerous city destinations. If you are searching for an inexpensive and convenient mode of transportation, consider taking the bus. More information about buses to and from Palembang Airport.

Modern and well-maintained, the buses at Palembang Airport ensure a comfortable journey for passengers. They operate on fixed schedules and routes, simplifying planning your trip in advance.

Rideshare Services at Palembang Airport

Ridesharing is one of the most convenient means of transportation in Palembang. Only a smartphone with internet access is required to use these applications. Download your preferred app, establish an account, and enter your pickup location and destination. A driver will be on their way to fetch you up within minutes.

Several prominent ridesharing apps in Indonesia, such as Grab and Go-Jek, provide this service. Using these services may be the best option for your transportation requirements in Palembang if you place a premium on convenience and cost.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Palembang Airport

Shuttle services from the airport to your hotel are convenient, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the area. Palembang Airport offers this service to visitors who require transportation from the airport to their hotel.

Once you have gathered your luggage and arrived at the airport, proceed to the exit, where you will find information booths directing you to the hotel shuttle service area. The cost fluctuates but is typically less than a taxi or car rental. Additionally, there will be no language barriers, as most chauffeurs will speak English.

Not all hotels offer shuttle services; therefore, contacting the hotel in advance is advisable.

You can verify here to see if your hotel in Sumatra offers this service.

Parking Services at Palembang Airport

Several options are available when it comes time to park your vehicle at the airport. Whether you prefer covered or open-air parking facilities or short-term or long-term accommodations, Palembang Airport provides 24/7 secure parking options.

See more information about short and long term parking at Palembang Airport.

Other Services at Palembang Airport

In addition to standard airport services like check-in and baggage claim, Palembang Airport also provides some other conveniences for passengers.

For individuals who need to get some work done or check in with loved ones, Wi-Fi is accessible everywhere in the terminal building. ATMs and money changers are nearby if you need cash or a currency exchange.

Take your pets on the road? The airport has special pet relief zones for pets before their flights. There are nursing mother stations spread out over the airport for your convenience.

Palembang Airport has many places to eat and drink, so you won't go hungry or thirsty. A wide variety of cuisines are available, from traditional dishes to fast food joints worldwide.

Trying to find some last-minute mementos? Stop by one of the many shops in the airport's main building. Whether you're seeking duty-free goods or authentic Indonesian souvenirs, Palembang Airport has you covered.

The satisfaction of passengers is a primary focus at Palembang Airport. Stop by one of our information desks if you need help during your visit. Our helpful team is standing by.

Disabled Passengers at Palembang Airport

Airport officials at Palembang are dedicated to ensuring all passengers, including those with special needs, have full access to all airport facilities and services. The airport has established various services and amenities to ensure the comfort and safety of disabled travelers.

Disabled passengers can easily navigate the terminal thanks to the airport's wheelchair ramps and elevators. In addition, there are accessible parking spaces conveniently located at the entrance.

There are designated areas within the terminal building where passengers needing assistance with check-in or mobility devices like wheelchairs or walking sticks can find support from trained personnel.

Wheelchair users can use facilities designed for them, which feature larger stalls. Visual displays erected around the terminal building will also be useful for those with trouble hearing.

Palembang Airport's dedication to easing the travel experience for persons with disabilities gives passengers the peace of mind they need to explore Sumatra confidently.

Wi-Fi at Palembang Airport

Wi-Fi is a crucial amenity for passengers waiting for flights at Palembang International Airport. Thanks to the airport's free Wi-Fi service, passengers can easily check their inboxes, browse the web and stream videos. Internet access for passengers is provided without delays or buffering, so they can always keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues.

Baggage Claim at Palembang Airport

One of the first things to do when you land in Palembang is to collect your luggage. The baggage claim is located close to the terminal's arrivals hall.

At Palembang Airport, claiming your bags is a simple and quick process. You should check the screens that list arriving flights once you get there to see if your flight is listed. Your bags will emerge on the conveyor belt shortly after you locate your flight number.

Take time to get your bags if they don't appear on the conveyor belt. If you've misplaced something, the kind personnel at the neighboring lost and found will be able to help you find it again.

Information Desk at Palembang Airport

Remember to stop by the Information Desk if you're flying out of Palembang Airport. The helpful and friendly staff at this desk can answer any questions about the airport, flight times, and transportation services.

The Information Desk is there to help you in any way they can, whether it be with your luggage or finding a place to convert cash. Foreign guests will appreciate that the personnel is fluent in several tongues, including English.

This airport's dedication to its passengers sets it apart from others in Indonesia. The friendly and helpful staff at Palembang Airport is frequently praised by passengers.

Smoking at Palembang Airport

The no-smoking policy ensures that everyone in the building can breathe easily. Smokers can relax in the airport's designated smoking areas away from the annoyance of others.

If you smoke, you must adhere to the airport's smoking policies. Outside of these areas, smoking is strictly prohibited. Fines or other legal action against those caught smoking in prohibited areas may be taken.

Every effort is made to enforce the airport's no-smoking policies among passengers. The airport has clearly marked areas where smoking is permitted and not.

Lost and Found Section at Palembang Airport

There is a Lost and Found office at Palembang International Airport for passengers who misplace their belongings. This service aims to help people recover lost items from within the airport.

Near the baggage claim area at Palembang Airport is where you'll discover Lost and Found. The service's staff is available whenever passengers have a need, day or night.

After receiving a report of a missing item, airport personnel will comprehensively search the immediate area and contact appropriate colleagues elsewhere. If they discover your lost item, they will contact you as soon as possible by phone or email to make return arrangements.

Passengers should report lost items as soon as possible to increase the likelihood that they will be recovered. To further reduce the risk of theft, vacationers should keep their valuables close at hand or in their carry-on luggage.

Restrooms at Palembang Airport

Airport management keeps the bathrooms clean so travelers always get in line. Automated soap dispensers, hand dryers, and touchless sinks can all be found in the restrooms.

There are restrooms conveniently located throughout the terminal for both men and women. Parents traveling with babies or young children can use the family restroom.

Support rails, wheelchair-accessible stalls, and emergency alarms can be found in the accessible restrooms at Palembang Airport.

Nursing Mothers Station at Palembang Airport

This station, conveniently located near the restrooms, is a clean and quiet spot where new mothers can attend to their infants without being bothered. Electric breast pumps are welcome, and outlets are available in the room.

You can tune in whenever you like at no cost. It's a great alternative for mothers who would rather not breastfeed in public or need quiet time during the airport rush.

ATMs at Palembang Airport

For the ease of its passengers, this airport has several automated teller machines (ATMs) that provide a range of banking services. These ATMs can be found at different locations throughout the airport terminal.

Passengers can easily locate these machines as there are clear signs indicating their location. Additionally, most ATMs accept international cards such as Visa and MasterCard, making it easy for foreign visitors to withdraw money in local currency.

It is important to note that withdrawal fees may vary depending on each passenger's card provider or bank. It's always best to check with your bank before traveling overseas. Hence, you know the potential charges or fees incurred when using your ATM card abroad.

Currency Exchange at Palembang Airport

This service allows passengers to convert their foreign currencies into Indonesian Rupiahs or vice versa. The exchange rates provided by these services are typically competitive and fair, ensuring that travelers receive good value for their money.

The convenience of nearby ATMs is another comfort for weary travelers. The terminal's ATMs offer both domestic and foreign currency withdrawal services.

Even though many shops and restaurants in the airport accept credit cards, visitors are advised to bring some cash just in case.

Food and Beverages at Palembang Airport

Regarding refreshments, passengers can choose from a wide range of options at the airport. There's bound to be a choice that works for you, whether you're looking for something light or hearty.

For those who want a quick bite or drink before their trip, various coffee shops and convenience stores are positioned throughout the airport. These shops provide everything from pre-packaged munchies to freshly made coffee.

If you have more time, you can visit one of the airport's restaurants for a sit-down dinner. Local eateries offer traditional meals, and foreign franchises serve recognizable favorites.

One thing to notice is that rates at Palembang Airport may be slightly higher than you would find outside the airport due to its location. However, with dozens of possibilities, locating something that meets your budget is easy.

Shopping at Palembang Airport

The airport offers a variety of shopping opportunities for passengers wishing to buy souvenirs or last-minute gifts. The airport's retail shops sell apparel, accessories, electronics, and refreshments in the terminal building.

Various shops offer batik sarongs, purses, and other handmade things for individuals who enjoy traditional Indonesian handicrafts and textiles. These unique sculptures make fantastic gifts to take home with you.

Suppose you need refreshments before your trip or want to get some munchies for your journey. In that scenario, the airport has multiple convenience stores selling various food and drinks.

In addition to these establishments, the hub also contains duty-free shops where travelers may purchase luxury things like perfumes, cosmetics, and liquor at tax-free prices.

Pet Relief at Palembang Airport

Pet owners flying via Palembang Airport will be delighted the airport provides pet relief services for their precious pals. These services include locations where pets can take care of their business before or after a flight.

Palembang Airport's pet relief area is outside the terminal building, near the parking lot. The area is clean and well-maintained, with waste bags for pet owners to clean up after their pets.

It's crucial to note that pets must be on a leash while using the designated pet relief area. Owners should also ensure they clean up after their pets and dispose of waste correctly.

Ticketing Services at Palembang Airport

The ticketing counters are located near the main entrance of Palembang Airport and allow convenient access to terminals, gates, check-in stations, and other facilities available at the airport.

In addition, the site provides details on prices, baggage allowances, and flight times for the convenience of its visitors. Travelers can use their smartphones to buy tickets and pay with PayPal, a credit card, or any online payment method.

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